It looks like EastEnders is setting up a shocking new affair for Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner), and the man in question is her former uncle-in-law, now co-grandparent, Jack Branning (Scott Maslen).


If you need a moment to let that complicated situation sink in, Stacey was previously married to Jack's late nephew Bradley Branning (Charlie Clements).

In between this romance, Stacey also had an infamous affair with Bradley's father - and Jack's brother - Max (Jake Wood).

Several years on, Stacey's daughter Lily (Lillia Turner) and Jack's son Ricky Jr (Frankie Day) became parents to baby Charli at barely 13 years of age, making Stace and Jack a nan and grandad!

Meanwhile, detective Jack has been supporting Stacey as her stalker, Theo Hawthorne (William Ellis), was finally sent down.

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But Jack was fuming when she confessed that she had planted a weapon on Theo after he was attacked by Freddie (Bobby Brazier) for trying to rape her.

Despite his own shady morals within his police career, Jack gave Stacey a lecture and declared he could lose his job. But ultimately, he decided to keep her secret, before the pair began to relax in each other's company as she asked to stay for a drink.

Stacey asked Jack about his late wife Ronnie Mitchell (Sam Womack), and he admitted that he sometimes thought he saw her on the Square.

Stacey reminisced about Bradley, understanding Jack's sentiment as she revealed she had never met anyone else like him.

When Jack asked if Bradley was 'the one', though, Stacey confided that they often felt more like mates when they were together, adding with an embarrassed laugh that Bradley "didn't really push my buttons".

Jack concluded that Stacey felt more of a connection with Max, as he confided that he shared that with Ronnie. But when it came to current wife Denise Fox (Diane Parish), Jack said that while he loved her, their marriage required a lot of work.

As Stacey left, Jack reminded her not to talk about her confession to falsifying evidence, and they could forget it ever happened.

But once left alone, Jack looked thoughtful over their closeness, while outside, Stacey looked confused over the nature of her relationship with Jack.

Clearly, EastEnders is paving the way for more between the pair, but will they cross that line?

Viewers who identify with Stacey's story can contact the National Stalking Helpline on 08088020300, or visit You can also visit Safeguarding Hub.

If in need of support, visit the website for Rape Crisis and also contact by calling Rape Crisis's 23/7 support line on 0808 500 2222.

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