EastEnders: Shirley Carter gets a three-month prison sentence!

Mick's mum gets banged up for perverting the course of justice


Shirley Carter is starting a three-month stretch inside after being found guilty of perverting the course of justice on tonight’s EastEnders.


Shirley’s sacrifice came just as Mick looked set to face prison after failing to find the funds to pay the £20,000 fine for contravening the licensing laws.

Deciding to step up and protect her family, Shirley turned herself in to the police as she took the blame for Babe’s crime of serving alcohol before hours.

Despite Mick feeling guilty at the prospect of his mum doing time, the prison sentence means that he no longer has to come up with the cash for any fine.

And the Queen Vic landlord has also been able to use the pub’s takings and the poker money to pay Konrad for fixing the downstairs leak.

But how Shirley fares behind bars remains to be seen, while Mick’s wife Linda also remains unaware of what’s been going on while she’s been away caring for her ailing mum. Is the truth about the Carters’ crisis destined to be revealed?

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