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Keanu is alive - but there are still unanswered questions after EastEnders' flashback episode

Walford went back in time for Christmas…

EE Keanu flashback
Published: Wednesday, 1st January 2020 at 9:00 pm

EastEnders took a leaf out of Doctor Who's book on New Year's Day by indulging in a spot of time travel, flashing back seven days to replay the events of Christmas Day 2019 from different perspectives, revealing what viewers didn't see and setting up game-changing plot twists for 2020.


Crucially, the fate of Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters) was confirmed - would-be hit man Martin Fowler (James Bye) set his target free, and is now locked in a dangerous pact with reluctant witness Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) to cover their tracks and make sure the Mitchells continue to believe the cheating mechanic is dead.

Although answers were provided with regard to mysterious gaps in a slew of sizzling storylines, new questions have inevitably arisen…

Will we see Keanu again?

eastenders keanu taylor (danny walters)

There is no official word on whether tonight's instalment is the last we'll see of Keanu, but seeing as we all thought he was dead a week ago anything is possible. Walters has definitely quit, but we feel EastEnders has some tricks up their sleeve and a final sting could be coming. The 35th anniversary is now just weeks away, and we wouldn't be surprised if the tormented Taylor turns up as a fugitive some time in mid-February for a surprise 'back from the dead' appearance to tie up some loose ends. Maybe when Sharon Mitchell gives birth to their baby…

Can Linda keep her mouth shut?

eastenders linda carter (Kellie bright)

The guilt of seeing fellow mum Karen Taylor torturing herself about her son's fate is tearing L to bits, and has fuelled her alcoholism to dangerous levels. Menacing Martin, also in a world of pain at burying their secret, is putting pressure on the landlady to keep the truth about Christmas Day hidden, but our money is on Linda cracking first and 'fessing up to Keanu's worried ma.

What's going on with the phones?

eastenders flashback 2020

Martin handed his phone to Keanu before he vanished into the night, so how come Mr Fowler later got a text from Ben when he returned to the Square? And how could he show the video 'evidence' of Keanu's shooting if he'd given his handset away? New Year's Day appeared to confirm Linda's mystery phone caller was Martin all along, but why didn't his number come up on her phone? Doesn't everyone in soaps randomly have each other's mobile numbers stored in their contacts? Have Martin and Tubbs launched a Carphone Warehouse franchise alongside his dodgy debt collecting?

Could Martin kill Ben?

eastenders ben mitchell (max Bowden)

The mini-Mitchell has created a monster who could turn on him any second - the stark warning issued in the alleyway was frankly terrifying, and even though Martin didn't have it in him to kill Keanu who's to say he won't be driven to murder at some point as the desire to protect his family overwhelms him? "Martin will regret getting involved with the Mitchells," Bye told "He's been put in a position that he had no control of, or he certainly thought had no control of. I don't think anyone will be happy with the choices he's made over Christmas." Martin could already be a killer - we don't know if the hit and run victim made it…

Will Sonia the thief be found out?

eastenders sonia fowler (natalie Cassidy)

After all that 'holier than thou' spiel to Dotty, saint Sonia Fowler herself was exposed as the hacker who tried to rob five grand from Dot Branning. Presumably she was doing it to help Martin out of his little predicament, hoping it makes him fall back into her arms. Or could there be another reason she's on the rob?

Why did Sheree keep son Isaac a secret?

eastenders sheree trueman isaac baptiste

So Sheree Trueman isn't cheating on Patrick, she's got a grown-up son who has tracked his mother down to Walford. Why the secrecy? What is stopping her explaining all to Patrick and introducing him and the rest of the family to his stepson? That would wipe the smug grin off Denise's face. Isaac has clearly got baggage, but what kind?


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