EastEnders’ Iqra Ahmed comes out to Habiba, but who is her girlfriend?

Fans of EastEnders loved Iqra's cliffhanger and praised the soap for the way she revealed she is a lesbian

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EastEnders fans praised Iqra Ahmed for her bravery after she came out as a lesbian to her sister Habiba in Monday’s episode of the BBC1 soap.


Last night’s cliffhanger scene saw Habiba quiz her sibling about her supposed mystery man, only for Iqra to reply that the person in question was a “her” not a “he”. As Habiba looked at her quizzically, Iqra added, “It’s a woman” before wondering how their grandparents would take the news.

Following the episode, viewers took to Twitter to show their respect for Iqra and her decision to tell Habiba the truth about her relationship.

The scene also explains why Iqra reneged on plans for an arranged marriage her family had planned, although eagle-eyed fans may have spotted clues to her true feelings in past weeks, particularly when she was seen flirting with Tina Carter during the Walford fun run. But there’s no word yet as to when Iqra’s love interest will be introduced to the Square.

And it wasn’t just Iqra’s revelation about her sexuality that won hearts. Earlier in the episode, she had been seen chucking a curry at love cheat Adam, who has been enjoying illicit trysts with Habiba while also playing happy families with Honey. The sight of Adam wearing his celebratory Eid meal on his shirt also went down well with those watching at home.

Later this week, Iqra will be seen panicking after an unsuspecting Mariam and Arshad insist that she brings her partner over for dinner. Taking drastic action, Iqra opts instead to move into Robbie’s spare room. But, this being EastEnders, it’s surely only a matter of time before the elderly Ahmeds learn what’s really going on in their granddaughter’s life…


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