EastEnders' Callum Highway (Tony Clay) is tormented by his secret struggle with his sexuality, and viewers have already seen him cheat on fiancee Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) with Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) – but it seems Ben is not the first guy Halfway has had feelings for.


Monday 12th August's episode saw the arrival of a woman called Vicky who tracked Callum down to tell him her brother Chris, a former army colleague of the trainee undertaker, had died. Grieving Vicky asked if he knew anything about the mystery man her sibling used to write to her about that he was in love with, only referred to as 'H' in correspondence.

Callum was visibly uncomfortable as he spoke to Vicky and denied any knowledge, but as they had shared an emotional moment when she invited him to Chris's memorial the next day he was stifling tears, witnessed by an intrigued Whitney.

Back home alone, Callum pulled out a uniform beret with Chris's name stitched in and held it, overwhelmed with emotion. Callum seems to be 'H' but has never divulged this to anyone…

Did the two have a proper relationship? Callum had previously told Ben and his brother Stuart Highway he hadn't been with another man before his lusty late-night liaison with Mr Mitchell. Was that a lie?

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We know from Callum's backstory he was a chef in the army but left after being injured – a few months back he was given a clean bill of health and told he could rejoin the forces, but he lied to Whit that he wasn't well enough as he obviously didn't want to go back. Maybe Callum was outed in the army and forced out?

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The storyline continues on Tuesday 13th August when Callum attends the memorial. Will he open up to Vicky about his feelings for her late brother? And when suspicious Whitney asks if her boyfriend is having an affair, having seen him with Vicky, how will Callum react?

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Bowden, aka Ben, recently teased more drama for #Ballum to RadioTimes.com around Callum and Whitney's upcoming nuptials. "We've got a wedding coming up so they'll be at loggerheads again," he said. "EastEnders is definitely revisiting Ben and Callum's relationship. It's going to be a very difficult time for them, and Whitney.

"Stay tuned because whatever happens, somebody is going to get hurt…"


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