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Lorraine Stanley wants EastEnders to introduce Bernie's dad

He's just one of Karen's many exes we've yet to meet…

Published: Monday, 8th June 2020 at 7:00 am

Lorraine Stanley has called for EastEnders to explore her character Karen Taylor's past and bring in youngest daughter Bernadette's dad, of whom very little is currently known.


Speaking exclusively to, the actress admits one of her dream storylines for her chaotic family would be to discover more about the various fathers of her six children. Since the clan arrived in Albert Square almost three years ago, barely anything has been revealed about who geeky Bernie's daddy is, or the reasons why he remains absent.

"It would be interesting to see the history of that situation," she says. "There is still so much that is unexplained. We've talked about Keanu's dad Shane, who went to prison after attacking Karen. We know Mitch, Chantelle and Keegan's dad.

"I'd love to do more stuff with Bernie, Clair Norris who plays her is brilliant and it would be nice for her to explore that for the character. Karen has had quite a past hasn't she, there are so many skeletons in that closet of hers. About 10 dads, 50 exes," she laughs. "They could all come in!"

Not much is said about the paternity Karen's youngest offspring either, twin boys Riley and Chatham, could it be they share the same dad as big sister Bernie? Chantelle, the eldest Taylor kid, has the same father as Keegan, although the fact second-eldest sibling Keanu arrived in between with a different dad shows how eventful and unpredictable Karen's liaisons have been over the years.

eastenders billy Mitchell Karen taylor

The character is currently at the centre of an unlikely love triangle, with old flame Mitch still keen on his ex despite, her dating lovable loser Billy Mitchell.

"Get her! Two blokes after Karen at the same time, who'd have thought that!" grins Stanley. "There are no buses, then two come along at once, that's how she feels about Mitch and Billy! She doesn't play them off against each other though, she's not like that.

"To be honest I think Mitch is the love of Karen's life, as Honey is for Billy, but Karen and Billy have found each other and she is surprised how much she actually likes him. Any rivalry between the men is light-hearted.

"Maybe Karen, Billy and Mitch could be the new Sharongate - Karengate!"


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