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Assisted suicide shock for Karen Taylor on EastEnders

Dinah made an emotional plea in Friday's episode

Published: Saturday, 11th May 2019 at 8:11 am

Karen (Lorraine Stanley) was left facing a gut-wrenching dilemma on Friday night’s EastEnders after an ailing Dinah Wilson (Anjela Lauren Smith) asked the Taylor family matriarch to help her die.


The episode saw an alarmed Karen find Dinah collapsed on the floor, with a doctor then going on to diagnose a case of pneumonia. Ignoring the medical advice, Dinah insisted on staying at home and hiding the news from Bailey, while Karen did her best to support the decision.

But it soon became apparent that Dinah was struggling with the toll her declining health was taking on her young daughter Bailey (Kara-Leah Fernandes). In a desperate state, Dinah – who has been living with multiple sclerosis for some time – then pleaded with Karen to help end her life.

A stunned Karen refused to help and tried to help Dinah see sense. But will Karen change her mind next week?

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Spoilers: Does Dinah die?

Monday’s episode will see Karen receive a worrying text from Dinah and race over to see her, only to find that she’s fallen again. When the nurse arrives, Karen asks him for help with Dinah’s ongoing depression and he suggests an appointment with a mental health specialist.

But it seems that Dinah cannot be dissuaded from her plan, with evidence of her intentions coming on Tuesday when Karen finds her writing future birthday cards for Bailey. Determined to leave her daughter with happy memories, Dinah then spends some quality time with her in scenes to be shown on Thursday.

Eventually, Karen and Chantelle (Jessica Plummer) arrive to take Bailey to the park, but little does the little girl know that this will be the final goodbye she gives to her mum. For when Mitch (Roger Griffiths) calls round later, he’s left distraught by what he finds – Dinah has taken her own life.

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Spoilers: How does Bailey react?

In the aftermath, Mitch is left further shaken when the police find a note that Dinah has written. Keegan and Bernadette soon arrive on the scene and, realising what has happened, Keegan rushes off to find Bailey.

Back at the flat, Keegan tries his best to protect his distraught half-sister by taking her upstairs to the Taylors’ flat. But how will Bailey react to the tragic news that her mum has died?


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