Will pregnant Louise keep her baby after shock revelation about Keanu in EastEnders?

The mum-to-be was left heartbroken by her baby daddy

eastenders louise

Louise Mitchell (Tilly Keeper) told boyfriend Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters) she is expecting their baby in EastEnders on Thursday 9th May.


But after finding out that her dad Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) was paying the muscly mechanic to date his daughter, what will the pregnant teen do next?

Confiding in best mate Bex Fowler (Jasmine Armfield) that she was up the duff-duff, Lou nervously came clean to her fella and told him to process the news before making any big decisions.

She told Keanu there would be no hard feelings if he didn’t want to be tied down and chose to walk away, in light of him making it pretty clear recently he was too young to be a dad.

While confused Keanu turned to mum Karen Taylor (Lorraine Stanley) for advice, Louise offloaded to Bex about not giving the tasty Taylor a chance to speak before she cut their conversation short and fled in a panic.

Deciding they needed to talk the situation through properly, Ms Mitchell headed off to find him.


Over the Arches, anxious Keanu told boss Phil he wasn’t comfortable doing another dodgy people trafficking job as it could potentially put Louise in danger, considering she was dragged into the Mitchell family’s feud with gangster Danny Hardcastle (Paul Usher) who arranged to have her abducted and almost killed.

Blunt Phil pointed out to his employee that he was only with Louise in the first place because he paid him to protect his precious daughter – not realising that Louise was outside, having come to speak to Keanu, and had heard every word…

Does Keanu still love Louise’s stepmum Sharon?

Being pregnant at 17 is hard enough, but learning that she was being used by the baby’s dad is a huge betrayal and the episode ended with Louise in tears.

But where does this leave the cursed couple?

Keanu appears to have genuinely fallen for Lou as they’ve got closer, but will he be able to convince her? Will he even get the chance, as Louise may not actually let on about her eavesdropping?

We can assume she does, as over the next few episodes the fallout of what Louise heard has a huge impact, with massive decisions to be made about the pregnancy.

By Tuesday 14th May it’s Lou’s stepmum, and Keanu’s ex-cougar lover Sharon Mitchell (Letitia Dean) who intervenes in the pair’s wrecked romance, offering support to her old flame as he drowns his sorrows.


Thursday 16th May sees Keanu and Sharon’s furtive behaviour arousing suspicion in Phil’s son Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden).

Have the twosome been drawn back together to resume their forbidden affair? Or has Louise discovered that her fella’s heart really lies with Sharon, who he first hooked up with last autumn? And will she tell anyone else about the pregnancy?


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