Ben leaves Phil, Keanu and Louise to die in EastEnders kidnap drama?

Mitchells under attack as they race to rescue Louise

(Picture: BBC)

EastEnders is lining up big drama for the Mitchells as Phil (Steve McFadden) races to save teenage daughter Louise (Tilly Keeper) when she is kidnapped and held hostage by evil gangster Danny Hardcastle (Paul Usher) and his sinister sidekick Midge. Can Phil and Lou’s boyfriend Keanu free her? And will Phil realise son Ben (Max Bowden) is the reason she’s in danger?


Monday 22nd April picks up from the big cliffhanger of Lou being bundled into a car by mean man Midge, the menacing muscle sent by dastardly Danny to snatch Lou in order to teach Phil a lesson, having been antagonised by cocky Ben who’s arrogant attitude has ruined relations between the scouse bad boy and the Walford clan.

Keanu was meant to be protecting vulnerable Louise for Phil, but having taken his eye off the ball after a lovers’ tiff he’s forced to confess to his bald-headed boss the blonde schoolgirl has been driven off by Danny’s goon.


Terrified Louise is locked in a shipping container down at the docks, and as Phil and Ben rush to the scene the Mitchell patriarch orders his son to stay put while he tracks down Danny – leaving Ben worried his dad will discover he triggered the revenge kidnapping by throwing his weight around.

But it’s brave Keanu who eventually finds Louise and unties her – only to be knocked out by Midge who then locks them both up together in the container.


Will Ben save Phil and Louise or leave them to die?

On Tuesday 23rd April, fears grow for Lou and Keanu’s safety. Phil is still trying to track down Danny and leaves him a threatening message, but the violent situation escalates when Phil is attacked by an unseen assailant and is soon unconscious himself! Who has hit Phil? Has Danny finished him off or sent another lackey to get his hands dirty? And where’s Ben?


Talking of the prodigal son, who is secretly double crossing his dad to seize his empire, along with a reluctant Lola Pearce (Danielle Harold), as Sharon Mitchell (Letitia Dean) holds the fort back on the Square she learns from Ben’s mum Kathy Beale (Gillian Taylforth) that her boy only came back to Walford because Phil is in deep financial trouble – which is news to a stunned Shazza. Why has Phil not let her in on this?

Realising Louise’s disappearance must be linked to some dodgy dealings, Sharon decides not to involve the police and let the fellas sort it – has she just unwittingly signed a death warrant for the Mitchell men, and her ex-lover Keanu?


With Phil, Keanu and Louise all in peril, it may fall to Ben to save them… Will he put his own agenda aside, or see his betrayal through and leave them all to a terrible fate at Danny’s hands? And what is the shocking discovery that Sharon makes on Thursday 25th April that could tear the Mitchell family apart?


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