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Jay wants ex-girlfriend Lola back in EastEnders!

But will Ben shutdown their chance of a new romance?

EastEnders, Jay Brown, Lola Pearce
Published: Monday, 15th April 2019 at 6:58 pm

Jay Brown (played by Jamie Borthwick) is unaware of the real reason his ex-girlfriend Lola Pearce (Danielle Harold) is back in EastEnders. But her return is certainly stirring-up some warm and fuzzy feelings for funeral planner Jay... and it looks like he might want to pick-up where they left off!


But where would that leave Jay's current girlfriend, Ruby Allen (Louisa Lutton)?

"Lola moved to Newcastle in 2015 and then dumped Jay over the phone," remembers Jamie Borthwick who plays Jay. "So now Jay's got a new person in his life, Ruby, who he really likes. But all of a sudden Lola has come back and it's been a whirlwind and some of those old feelings creep back up again."

On Monday 15 April on the BBC One soap, Jay and Lola start getting close again at a Mitchell family brunch. But Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden), who has his own secret agenda involving Lola and their young daughter Lexi, quickly shuts things down and Lola tries to assure Ben there's nothing going on between her and Jay.

The Mitchells are one big "happy" family! (Picture: BBC)

However, later that same day, ex-es Jay and Lola sneak off to the Vic where Lola is thrown when Jay makes it clear he wants to give their past relationship another try!

But that could all change when Ben interrupts the pair. He's determined Lola sticks to their agreed plan to ruin his hated dad Phil Mitchell, and drops a SHOCK bombshell...

EastEnders, Ben Mitchell, Lola Pearce, Jay Brown
Three's a crowd when Ben crashes Jay and Lola's cosy heart-to-heart at the Vic. (Picture: BBC)

"I think Jay has always been her love from when she first came into EastEnders," believes Danielle Harold who plays Lola. "So it's nice toying with the idea of will they, won't they? They've always been a bit like that."

Will baddie Ben sabotage the pair before they even get the chance to reboot their romance? Watch this space!

EastEnders, Ben Mitchell, Lola Pearce
Ben is pressuring Lola to stick to their secret plan. (Picture: BBC)

"One of Ben's biggest loves is Jay," reveals Max Bowden who plays Ben. "Because of the way things ended between Jay and Lola before, he does worry they will hurt each other again. But at the moment he's having to choose between them and that struggle could become a bit too much."


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