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Ben reveals plan to destroy Phil on EastEnders

"I don't just want his money. I want his happiness, his dignity"

Published: Monday, 8th April 2019 at 8:25 pm

Is EastEnders returnee Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) about to overthrow dad Phil (Steve McFadden) as head of the Mitchell empire? It's certainly looking that way with Ben having now revealed to Lola (Danielle Harold) that he wants to build a cash-strapped Phil back up before taking everything from him. But will Phil work out what his devious son is up to?


Monday's episode of the BBC1 soap began with the sight of Lola putting pressure on Ben to move forward with his scheme to fleece Phil. But a curveball then came when the Walford warhorse revealed to his son that he's actually broke. After learning that Phil is nearly penniless, Lola threatened to leave, but Ben was quick to reassure her that he had a plan.

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After inviting Phil to dinner, Ben left Lola surprised when he told his dad that they could rebuild the Mitchell empire together. But, in a cliffhanger scene, Ben then confided in Lola as to what his true intentions really are:

"Taking him down is too easy. He's already at rock bottom. I don't just want his money. I want his happiness, his dignity. I want to build him back up, look him in the eye at the moment he has got everything he's ever wanted and then I going to take it from him."

What happens next?

At the moment, Ben appears to be using Lola as a confidante, but events coming up later this week could test their pact. Scenes to be shown on Thursday will see Ben get annoyed when he starts to realise that Lola could be falling for Jay again?

But Lola looks set to ignore Ben's instructions, opting instead to go for a drink with Jay at the Vic. And pretty soon, both Lola and Jay are sneaking off to the E20, where they end up kissing. So is Jay set to discover what is going on? And is word also destined to reach Phil's ears?


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