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Ruby makes powerful speech on EastEnders after rape verdict is REVEALED

The fate of Ross and Matt was revealed tonight

Published: Saturday, 6th April 2019 at 7:40 am

Ruby Allen's rapists have been found guilty in tonight's episode of EastEnders. Following a week-long trial, both Matthew Clarkson (Mitchell Hunt) and Ross Swinden (Ossian Luke) were in court to hear the verdict, with Ruby (Louisa Lytton) then going on to share her emotions about her ordeal in a heartfelt online video that was watched by her friends celebrating in the Queen Vic.


Reflecting on what her attackers had done and advising those in a similar position to her, Ruby said: "They had their night. But I had my day. And you can too."

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What happened to Ruby?

As viewers discovered in scenes shown in October last year, Ruby was raped following a night partying at the E20 with friends of Martin. Ruby ended up going home with one of the men and sleeping with him, only to then pass out and subsequently wake to discover another of his friends on top of her. After confiding in Stacey about what had happened, Ruby was told that because she hadn't given consent (and had actually been incapable of doing so), then she had been raped.

After Ruby reported the incident, Matt and Ross were charged and - as fans saw on Friday - convicted. What remains to be seen is the sentence they'll now receive from the judge at the trial.

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What did Ruby say in her video?

For those who didn't see Ruby's emotional video, here is what she said online:

"A few months ago, I did what many of us have done. I went on a night out and I got a bit wasted. I got very wasted. I met a bloke and you can probably guess the rest. If that was that, I would have woken up with a banging headache, probably thinking, 'I should really cut down on those shots.' Only that wasn't that.

"This bloke - he decided to turn it into a party, a competition. With me being the prize. 'I've got this drunk girl upstairs. She won't remember what happened in the morning. Go on.' Only I did remember. Bad luck for them, eh? Or bad luck for me. I even thought it would have been better for me if I hadn't remembered what had happened.

"Then I told my friend what had happened. She said, 'you've got to do something. You can't let them pass you around like a piece of meat.' I said I was drunk and that no one was going to believe me. But today, 12 men and women, 12 people just like me and you - they believed me. What I want to say is, stand up. You might think this is the worst thing to have happened to you, but it's not. What's worse is letting them get away with it. They had their night. But I had my day. And you can too."

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What has Louisa Lytton said about the storyline?

Speaking about her own experiences filming the storyline of Ruby's rape, actress Louisa Lytton said last year: "There was a lot of pressure on me and the show to do it justice for the survivors of rape. I've worked closely with Rape Crisis to ensure the way I act is realistic, so I knew were safe in our portrayal of it."


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