Louise is PREGNANT in EastEnders… for real this time!

But is Keanu ready to be a dad?

EastEnders, Louise Mitchell, Keanu Taylor

Back in February, Louise Mitchell (played by Tilly Keeper) dropped a SHOCK bombshell she was pregnant in EastEnders. But Louise was lying so she could get info out of her dodgy dad, Phil (Steve McFadden) after he sent her then ex-boyfriend Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters) packing to the Costa del Crime!


However, Louise’s lie is about to come TRUE because on the BBC1 soap on Thursday 9 May, she breaks the news to back-on-again boyfriend Keanu that she is pregnant!

But Keanu barely has time to react to the baby bombshell before an emotional Louise runs off…

The pair have certainly been getting hot and heavy since they survived being locked in a shipping storage container on Monday 23 April by thug Midge, who had a score to settle with Phil.

But the lovers have been trying to keep things on the downlow, so on Tuesday 7 May a half-dressed Keanu sneaks out of Louise’s bedroom window and climbs down the drainpipe!

EastEnders, Louise Mitchell, Keanu Taylor
Kiss and run! Will lovers Louise and Keanu get caught? (Picture: BBC)
EastEnders, Louise Mitchell, Keanu Taylor
But Louise’s love bubble is about to be burst by a surprise discovery… (Picture: BBC)

But with Louise’s BIG baby news, surely it’s just a matter of time before garage boss Phil discovers his mechanic employee Keanu has been bedding his daughter?

And how will Phil’s wife Sharon (Letitia Dean) react when she finds out her secret ex-lover Keanu has got her stepdaughter Louise preggers?

It’s sure to all kick off at the Mitchell house… again!


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