Phil LEAVES Sharon after truth about Keanu exposed in EastEnders

Is Mr Mitchell in danger from thugs who beat his love rival?


The fate of EastEnders‘ Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters) is in the balance as Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) revealed the truth about that dodgy job he’s on in Spain and vowed to bring him home in one piece, leaving Sharon Mitchell (Letitia Dean) wracked with guilt at putting the lives of both her lover and husband on the line as a result of her infidelity.


Desperate for information on missing Keanu, who no one has heard from since his boss despatched him to the Costa del Crime on unspecified business a few weeks back, Louise Mitchell (Tilly Keeper) told her dad she was pregnant by her ex and needed to know he was okay, later admitting it was a lie to get him to come clean as she felt responsible for sending Keanu off in the first place as Phil wanted him out of the way after he dumped her.

Karen Taylor (Lorraine Stanley) burst in on the barney in the Mitchell kitchen hoping for an update on her son’s whereabouts, just as Phil received a worrying picture message on his phone of a badly bruised and beaten Keanu…


What was Keanu really up to in Spain?

Phil came clean to Sharon, Lou and Karen about what Keanu was really up to in Spain – Mr Mitchell had set up some garages abroad as a nice little earner, but the locals were unhappy about being undercut and someone with a bit of clout needed to go and ‘smooth things over’.

With the snap of battered Keanu proving the situation has got way out of hand, Phil declared he would go to Spain and sort things out himself, promising to bring back Keanu in one piece. As Karen threatened to call the cops, Phil pointed out that would only aggravate the Spanish gangsters and put Keanu in more danger and she begrudgingly agreed to let him do it his way.

Privately confronting Sharon while Phil packed his sunblock, the tenacious Taylor mum warned if her boy didn’t get home safe and sound then she’d lift the lid on the scandalous affair…


As Phil left for Spain he reassured a worried Sharon he could handle the aggro and never meant to put Keanu in danger – but Shaz now fears her pushing Keanu to finish with Louise hoping she’d reignite their romance has set off a chain of events that has now put both the men in her life in the firing line.

“I  just want the man I love back safely,” Sharon purred to Phil as a taxi drove him off – but was she talking about her husband or her toy boy? Has the thought of Keanu being killed made Sharon realise the depth of her feelings for her fling? Our prediction is Keanu comes home while Phil is left behind, held hostage by angry Spanish mechanics as a trade for his employee’s life – unwittingly pushing him back to Sharon. Now that would be a twist…


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