An iconic EastEnders actress directed Line of Duty episode five

Original Michelle Fowler actress Sue Tully took the reins of the BBC1 drama in a nail-biting penultimate episode

Anna Maxwell-Martmin, Susan Tully (BBC)

The penultimate episode of Line of Duty – with that brilliantly passive aggressive interview scene starring Anna Maxwell-Martin – was directed by an iconic EastEnders actress.


Sue Tully, who played teen mother Michelle Fowler in EastEnders from the soap’s very first episode in 1985 until her departure in 1995, directed the last two episodes of Line of Duty series five.

Susan Tully in EastEnders, Getty
Susan Tully (far left) as Michelle Fowler in EastEnders, Getty

The first four episodes of the most recent series have been directed by John Strickland, who also worked with writer Jed Mercurio on Bodyguard.

Tully, who rose to fame as rebellious schoolgirl Suzanne Ross in Grange Hill, had her first directing job on EastEnders in the 90s and has gone on to take the lead behind the scenes of episodes of Tin Star, The A Word, Britannia, Musketeers and Silent Witness, to name a few.

The appearance of her name in the credits was quickly picked up by viewers…

And even prompted some of the show’s more hair-brained theories:

Given her excellent direction of the interview scene between Maxwell-Martin’s Patricia Carmichael and Adrian Dunbar’s Ted Hastings, we can’t wait to see what Tully pulls out of the bag for the Line of Duty series finale next week.


Line of Duty airs on Sunday nights at 9pm on BBC1