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Coronation Street teases the start of Todd Grimshaw's return

The missing Grimshaw is apparently in need of some quick cash...

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Published: Tuesday, 11th August 2020 at 4:45 pm

While we've only just found out that Gareth Pierce is taking over the role of Todd Grimshaw on Coronation Street, the character's comeback is already being teased on our screens next week.


Intercepting a letter meant for Eileen (Sue Cleaver), Sean Tully and Mary Taylor (Antony Cotton and Patti Clare) discover that Todd has demanded she hand over £1000 that he desperately needs. The two are instantly suspicious and decide to some investigating to see if it is really him.

They decide the best approach is to text Todd and see if he responds, which he promptly does, but the pair remain sceptical.

Wanting to protect Eileen from any further upset surrounding her absent, troubled son, they form a plan and arrange a place to drop off the cash, taking along an empty bag that is money free. The two, along with Todd's ex, Billy Mayhew (Daniel Brocklebank), then hide and keep watch, waiting with bated breath to see if Todd arrives to collect his money.

But will they see Todd, or is someone else behind the demands for cash?

Gareth Pierce Corrie Todd Grimshaw in Coronation Street

Former star Bruno Langley was dismissed from the role of Todd back in 2017. Since then Todd has been on the run after assaulting a policeman and has not so much as contacted his mother; even on birthdays and at Christmas.

While some fans have commented on the lack of physical similarity between Langley and his replacement Pierce, David Platt actor Jack P.Shepherd has defended the choice of actor, insisting that producers should not put the focus on finding someone who looks the same.

Replying to the show's post about casting on Instagram, he said: "In my experience, that never works, you end up casting someone with same colour hair/eyes same teeth etc over acting capability, and the best actor/actress for the role misses out."


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