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Paula finally comes clean about what she's been hiding in Coronation Street

The lawyer's shifty behaviour is explained – or is it?

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Published: Friday, 26th July 2019 at 5:29 pm

Coronation Street solicitor Paula Martin (Stirling Gallacher) is suddenly a source of frenzied fan speculation since becoming the victim of a harassment campaign and having a connection to mysterious builder Jan Lozinski (Piotr Baumann), and the plot thickens on Friday 26th July when she puts little Jack Webster in danger and has to come clean about what she's hiding.


Brushing aside suspicion about her house being broken into several times after being quizzed by concerned on/off girlfriend Sophie Webster (Brooke Vincent), tonight's episode sees Paula's tormentor follow his target to the Webster house where the legal eagle has been sleeping over to escape her burglary ordeal.

Sneaking in to rifle through her paperwork, clearly looking for something, the thug thinks the place is empty but doesn't realise Jack is home alone hiding under the bed. The scared lad manages to text dad Kevin Webster (Michael Le Vell) for help and he dashes home to find the intruder doing a runner, eventually apprehended by passing Abi Franklin (Sally Carman).

When he's arrested apologetic Paula is horrified at what's happened, and explains the burglar is a criminal she's been acting against in a case and he's been persecuting her for a while – she kept quiet as she didn't want to drag anyone else into the vendetta, but has unwittingly involved Sophie and her family despite her best efforts.

Paula's confession sparks a huge row and Sophie and Kev both agree when she offers to pack her bags and leave, mortified at the harm that could've befallen brave Jack.

Monday 29th July and Wednesday 31st July see Sophie soften towards her older lover and consider forgiving her, but Kevin remains resolute – has Paula burned her bridges?

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Viewers may be asking if there is still more to be revealed about Paula, who Jan recently admitted to Eileen Grimshaw was his legal advisor when he was busted for drug dealing. Jan himself appears to be hiding something bigger, which Paula may or may not be in on.

So is the man arrested for stalking Paula tonight also linked to Jan? What exactly is going on with the charming tradesman? Is Paula in even bigger danger than she's letting on, meaning Sophie and the whole street could be too?


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