Katy Armstrong and son Joseph will depart Coronation Street next week for a new life overseas - and actress Georgia May Foote feels that her character is making the right decision.


"She needs a clean slate and it's a good opportunity for her and Joseph," says the Corrie star. "She needs to get away from her regrets, from feeling bad about what she did to Ches, and try something new instead. It'll be a good chance for her to do some thinking and growing up."

The decision to fly off to Portugal sees Katy exit after nearly five years in Weatherfield - a period that has seen her give birth during a nativity play, struggle with motherhood and do the dirty on partner Chesney (Sam Aston) with Ryan Connor.

But in her final week on the Street, Katy will be seen having a heart to heart to Ches after he comes to her aid during a drunken confrontation with Callum (Sean Ward). "Ches runs over to rescue her, which is when Katy breaks down and realises how stupid she's been.

"Talking everything through with Chesney makes her realise that she's made so many mistakes and that she should never have broken Chesney's heart in the first place. She says that she's always cared about him and always will. But Katy knows that he's now with Sinead and she respects their relationship."

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However, it's this frank exchange that makes Chesney come to terms with Katy's desire for a new life. Having stood in the way of Katy's dream for fear of losing Joseph, Ches will come to realise that he's the only thing acting as an obstacle. In the end, Chesney tells Katy that she and Joseph can move to Portugal with his blessing as he knows they'll have a better life.

"She's really shocked. It feels like a whirlwind," continues Foote. "Chesney knocks her sideways as she wasn't expecting him to change his mind. She doesn't waste any time and books the flights in that same hour!"

But before she departs, Katy ends up paying Sinead (Katie McGlynn) a visit in hospital in order to make sure that there is no ill feeling. "Sinead says it's because Joseph couldn't leave without giving Sinead a picture of her, Joseph and Chesney. But Katy also wants to give her some tickets so they can visit Portugal once Sinead is better. Katy wants to thank Sinead before she leaves, for everything she's done and for being so nice. Katy does care."

And with that Katy exits - but what are her feelings as she leaves the Street for the final time? "It's a mixture of feelings, really. She's sad, obviously, because she's leaving her family behind and she loves them dearly. And she will be worrying about whether it's the right decision to take Joseph away from his dad.

"But, having said that, she's so ready to get out of Weatherfield for a fresh start and to move on."

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