Coronation Street: will Sean reveal his homelessness secret to Eileen? Watch the scene

Is the truth set to come out?

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Is Eileen about to discover that Sean is currently living on the streets? Coronation Street viewers have seen the Rovers barman struggling of late after being made homeless, but is he about to reveal all about his plight? Tonight’s double bill will see Sean’s situation go from bad to worse when he discovers that Johnny and Jenny have cut his hours at the pub. Later on, when his homeless friend Frank comes in, Sean becomes agitated and, in a bid to get rid of him, says that he’ll bring him a free drink round the back. But when Jenny catches him red handed, Sean fails to come up with a decent explanation, leaving the new Rovers owners with no alternative but to fire him.

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By Wednesday, Eileen will be seen noticing Sean’s dishevelled state and grows increasingly concerned when she hears that he’s lost his job. After quizzing him about his living arrangements, Sean makes out that he’s staying at a friend’s flat in town. But will Eileen be convinced by his explanation? Or is the truth about Sean’s situation set to be revealed?


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