8 big questions after Coronation Street’s 60th anniversary week

The drama is only just beginning.

corrie post anniversary

It’s been a wild week in Weatherfield as Coronation Street marked the milestone of its 60th anniversary with a dramatic death, a lusty love triangle and an out of control digger – among other things.


Rather than bringing big storylines to a close and resting on its laurels, the world’s longest-running soap is ramping up the next crop of bumper plots and as the week ends we’re full of questions about what’s in store for the residents of our favourite street.

Here is RadioTimes.com‘s post-anniversary debrief with a look ahead as to what happens next.

Will Adam survive and who tried to kill him?

This is the big one – lusty lawyer Adam Barlow was an instant pariah after his one-night stand with Carla Connor was exposed. He was attacked in the bistro by a shadowy figure – Carla, Peter, Sarah and Gary are the prime suspects but who hated him enough to try and bump him off? And will he pull through after the assault?

Is Peter going to die?

coronation street peter barlow

Peter has been one drink away from death for years, such is the damage alcohol has accumulatively done during his troubled life. Now Carla’s dalliance with Adam has pushed him off the wagon he’s back on the booze, and that can’t end well. Poor Pete ends up in hospital with liver failure after Christmas, then irresponsibly discharges himself even though he’s on death’s door. How much of 2021 will he see?

What next for Yasmeen?

Anniversary week’s big blockbuster moment was the death of abusive Geoff Metcalfe, but his demise doesn’t automatically mean abused wife Yasmeen is free. “It’s over,” sighed granddaughter Alya Nazir, only Yas didn’t look convinced. The months of psychological abuse have taken their toll, what will the long-term effects of her ordeal be? “This trauma will affect Yasmeen for the rest of her life,” says Shelley King, who plays her. “It would be too simplistic for her to be ‘cured’, we owe it to those going through this to retain a hint of the coercive aftermath.”

Is Tim heading for a breakdown?

coronation street tim metcalfe sally metcalfe

Geoff’s legacy will also impact son Tim, who now has to unpick his entire life which it turns out was built on deceit – his dastardly dad lied to him about his real mum’s fate, and pulled the wool over his eyes as to his true colours. It’s been hinted Tim’s deep-rooted issues, in particular abandoning daughter Faye for much of her life, are churning up as he apportions blame to his fiendish father, and we reckon he’s hurtling towards some sort of meltdown. Can Tim grieve for a dad so despicable? Will mum Elaine help him make sense of his painful past so he can look to the future?

Do Leanne and Nick have a future?

Oliver’s death has forced Lee into making some difficult decisions, and in the coming weeks she tells Nick he needs to move out in order to concentrate on building a relationship with son Sam. Leanne still loves her childhood sweetheart but losing Oliver is too raw, although we have a feeling adorable Sam could end up reuniting the couple – perhaps through teaching them how to do the floss?

Will Faye put Ray in jail?

coronation street ray crosby faye windass

Despite the council putting a stop to the demolition, Ray the rogue is not giving up and will press ahead with his development that will destroy half the street. He plays increasingly dirty to get the residents on side in the coming weeks, but his downfall could be his attempted rape of Faye Windass – and quite rightly so. While the waitress insists she doesn’t want to involve the police, big brother Gary’s gander is up. Our money is on Faye reporting sex pest Ray, exposing his string of sleazy crimes putting him behind bars where he belongs.

Is this the last we’ve seen of Debbie?

Duplicitous Debbie being outed as Ray’s sidekick saw disappointed big brother Kevin throw his sibling out for her betrayal, and by the end of the week she seemed more determined than her partner in crime to push the deal through. Debs could either end up being the proper villain of the piece, hardened by her family disowning her, or she’ll switch sides and bring Ray down as part of her redemption. The character is still hanging around over the Christmas period so she’s not gone yet – we’re hoping she does the right thing and settles in Weatherfield permanently, she’s a fantastic character. Imagine her running the factory…

Will Rick’s body be dug up?

gary windass coronation street

Before he got boffed on the bonce in the bistro, Adam issued another warning to Gary he was going to call the cops and alert them to Rick’s body being buried in the woods. Next week, it’s Sarah makes the call, and over the festive fortnight Gary is arrested and accused of being involved in the loan shark’s mysterious disappearance. He’s released pending enquiries but the net is closing in, surely if the corpse is found Mr Windass is done for?


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