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Has Geoff killed Elaine in Coronation Street? Manhunt ensues after suspicious disappearance

Will the cops discover what happened to Tim's mum?

coronation street elaine jones week 32
Published: Monday, 3rd August 2020 at 7:55 pm

Abusive Geoff Metcalfe (Ian Bartholomew) may have stooped to his lowest depths yet to cover his tracks in Coronation Street after threatening first wife Elaine Jones (Paula Wilcox), leading viewers to think he may have murdered his ex.


In chilling scenes on Monday 3rd August, gruesome Geoff cornered terrified Elaine, who recently came back into his life after escaping their toxic marriage almost 50 years ago and being forced to abandon their son Tim.

Elaine plans to testify in the trial of Yasmeen Metcalfe (Shelley King), who lashed out at Geoff after months of coercive control took their toll, sharing her experience of abuse at his hand decades before.

A confrontation in the ginnel in which Geoff snatched Elaine's phone and ordered her to stay away from him and Tim abruptly cut to another scene, and the next time we saw the menacing Mr Metcalfe he returned home in his car and sneakily destroyed the sim card in her phone. Has he silenced her permanently?

coronation street geoff metcalfe week 32

Her fate remains unsettlingly ambiguous for the rest of the week, and Yasmeen's crusading granddaughter Alya Nazir reports her as a missing person to the police, fearing Geoff has got to her and scared her off - or worse.

Suspicions swirl around the disappearance, and Sally Metcalfe begs husband Tim to accept his dad has lied to him about the identity of his real mother and Elaine is telling the truth.

Geoff quashes Elaine's story, insisting granddaughter Faye Windass - who witnessed the start of their showdown from across the street - and the authorities she is deluded and his first wife 'Philippa' is dead (Geoff, Tim and Elaine's past explained in our backstory breakdown).

By the end of the week Tim and Sally are more at odds than ever, as he refuses to believe Elaine's claims and continues to stand by his father - despite Geoff admitting there was a confrontation in which he begged her to leave them alone, and has nothing to do with her vanishing act.

tim sally geoff coronation street

Meanwhile, Elaine remains missing and Yasmeen is still in hospital having suffered a heart attack in prison on the eve of her trial.

Speaking recently about her guest role as Elaine, TV legend Wilcox hinted the hard-hitting storyline is heading to an unexpected climax with a big twist on the horizon that fans will not see coming.

After all his mind games and mistreatment of women, could Geoff end up behind bars for murder?


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