For the past few years, Gary Windass (Mikey North) has kept his murderous secrets well hidden in Coronation Street. But it looks like his days of freedom could be numbered as one of his crimes comes back to haunt him this week.


Viewers will remember that Gary became something of an accidental killer back in 2019. After sabotaging the factory roof in order to gain building work, Gary was horrified when his actions led to the death of Rana Habeeb (Bhavna Limbachia).

He then found himself embroiled in loan shark Rick Neelan's (Greg Wood) dodgy world and ended up killing the other man in self-defence. Gary buried his body, but later had cause to move it to what he assumed would be a safer spot.

Now, Rick's dying ex-wife Laura (Kel Allen) is keen to access Rick's cash to support daughter Kelly (Millie Gibson), and has hired a private investigator. This is when Gary begins to realise that the net is closing in on him.

Laura in Coronation Street

Actor Mikey North recently spoke to about the ongoing storyline, saying: "I think Gary starts to feel a bit uncomfortable, but it’s nothing that he hasn’t had before.

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"I think he’s pretty confident that he’ll be able to contain things. Until something happens and it’s obvious this might be the end," North told the publication.

And it's the PI's revelation that Rick is almost certainly dead which spells big trouble for Gary. But that's not his only pressing concern, as thanks to wife Maria's (Samia Longchambon) campaign for cleaner air, the County training ground is about to be moved to none other than Rick's unlawful grave!

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"Gary is absolutely horrified, and that may very well be the end," warned the star. "There’s not much he can do there. This is where his world comes crashing down, essentially. He’s always thought he could manage a way to get around it but that body is the one thing that could signal trouble and this is the worst-case scenario."

While Gary attempts to gain access to Rick's body, he is foiled straight away. Knowing that Laura is already suspicious of his previous involvement with her ex, and that his time is running out as it is, he tells her everything.

"I think once he comes back to the site and he knows there is no way he can get to that body; I think they’re just about to start laying foundations right where the body is, so he knows that body is going to be found," explained North.

"Coupled with his relationship with Laura," he added, describing the moment Gary decides to come clean. "They’ve grown quite close and they’ve taken care of each other. She starts asking questions. He just cracks. He can’t put up with it anymore. He thinks there are no other options. It’s going to come out any day, so he might as well tell her the truth. He snaps at her and tells her everything."

What will Gary's huge confession mean for his future? Will Laura report him to the police, or will she consider the circumstances surrounding what he did to Rick?

Is Gary set to head back to prison? You'll have to tune in to this week's Coronation Street to find out.

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