Marvel's WandaVision is set to land on Disney+ at the end of the year and the first trailer hints that two Young Avengers are about to join the MCU.


At a certain point in the teaser, Wanda and Vision are shown standing in front of two bassinets and are startled when twin dummies come flying out of them.

This suggests that the universe's oddest couple are about to welcome some new additions, an exciting development ripped straight from the Marvel comic books.

In a 1985 story, the duo part ways with the Avengers to set up a quieter life for themselves and Wanda becomes pregnant soon after.

They had previously doubted their ability to conceive due to Vision being an android, but through reality-altering magic their twin sons Billy and Tommy are born.

Wanda is delighted and loves them both dearly, but it soon becomes clear that all is not as it seems.

The first red flag is raised when a childminder hired to look after the boys claims that they disappear whenever their parents are away.

It later emerges that Billy and Tommy only become real when Wanda is thinking about them, meaning that when she is busy with Avengers business they literally cease to exist.

If this realisation wasn't horrifying enough, the boys are then revealed to have been created from the shards of a demon's soul, which allows them to be absorbed by a super villain. Heavy.

Wanda is initially crushed by the loss, but her children were essentially forgotten about by comic book writers for many years... until Young Avengers was first published in 2005.


In the wake of a storyline called House of M, where Wanda breaks reality and creates a new alternate universe, it is revealed that she has willed her sons back into existence.

Now teenagers and imbued with powers closely connected to their mother's personal history, Billy and Tommy join the newly founded Young Avengers team.

Billy goes by the superhero name Wiccan, channelling magical abilities similar to that of Wanda and the sorcerer supreme Doctor Strange. Meanwhile, Tommy develops the ability to run superhumanly fast (much like his uncle Quicksilver), adopting the appropriate codename Speed.

Both characters have established themselves as well-liked members of the Marvel Universe, but Wiccan is arguably more prolific due to his lauded LGBT+ romance with Teddy, A teenage Skrull better known as Hulkling.

Marvel: Wiccan / Hulkling
Marvel: Wiccan / Hulkling Marvel Comics

It's unclear just how much of this mind-boggling backstory WandaVision will draw from, but it's safe to assume that Marvel will jump forward to Wiccan and Speed's eventful teenage years at the earliest opportunity.

Producer Kevin Feige has confirmed that the events of WandaVision will lead directly into Doctor Strange 2, which co-stars Elizabeth Olsen, so that could potentially hold the key to their accelerated growth.

In any case, Marvel appear to be making significant strides towards a whole new generation of heroes, which suggests the MCU won't be winding down anytime soon...


WandaVision lands on Disney+ in December 2020