The third season of Danish post-apocalyptic drama The Rain dropped on Netflix earlier this month, and it was another action packed season as Rasmus turned on his sister Simone, pitting himself against her.


Naturally, fans of the series have already binge-watched the latest season and are now desperate for another run, even if the drama's latest run of episodes ended with the loose ends seemingly tied up.

So will there be another season of the show? Read on for everything you need to know.

Will there be a season 4 of The Rain?

Unfortunately, there won't be any further episodes - Netflix announced when it was renewing the show for a third run back in June 2019 that it would end after season three.

At the time, Netflix did not give a reason for the show's cancellation - simply tweeting, "We’ll see you in 2020 for the third and final season."

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The Rain season 3
Per Arnesen / Netflix

There has been no further indication of exactly why the streaming giant opted not to bring the show back for a fourth run, but there's a good chance it could simply be a creative decision - this way the series was able to wrap up in a satisfying way that tied up all the major plot points.

Could The Rain be revived away from Netflix?

Of course, not being renewed by Netflix doesn't always signal the end for a show, with some series - including animated hit Tuca and Bertie - finding a new life away from the streamer.

However at this stage it seems unlikely that this will be the case for The Rain - there has been no indication from any of the show's cast or crew that they hope to make more episodes, and with many of the main characters having been killed off, a fourth run appears to be something of a long shot.

For a recap of what happened in the final episodes, here's The Rain season 3 ending explained.


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