Sky's sci-fi thriller The Lazarus Project is officially returning for a second season.


Paapa Essiedu, Charly Clive, Rudi Dharmalingam and Anjli Mohindra are the cast members so far confirmed to reprise their roles.

In a joint statement, Joe Barton (series writer/executive producer) and Johnny Capps (executive producer) said: "We are thrilled at the success of series one and at Sky’s recommission. We have bold and ambitious plans for series two which will reunite all our characters in more thrilling and mind-bending adventures."

The eight-part first season followed Essiedu's character George as he was recruited into The Lazarus Project, a covert team – including Mohindra's Archie and Dharmalingam's Shiv – that is dedicated to preventing mass extinction events by resetting the timeline.

However, following the death of his girlfriend Sarah (Clive), George goes to ever more extreme lengths to reset time and bring her back.

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Created by Giri/Haji writer Barton, the series launched on Sky Max in June and reached a cumulative 28 day audience of 1.7 million, making it Sky's second biggest original drama of the year to date.

A second season will air in 2023. The first run of episodes saw Tom Burke play series antagonist Rebrov, although the character is described as but one of many turncoats who've betrayed the Lazarus Project, with Barton telling that future outings could introduce us to other ex-agents.

Caroline Quentin and Anjli Mohindra in The Lazarus Project
Caroline Quentin and Anjli Mohindra in The Lazarus Project Sky UK Limited

"It's something we'd probably explore more if we get further series," Barton said. "And that idea of what the toll is on these people who do this thing.

"There's an almost God-like aspect, they have this incredible power – they live in this world where they can manipulate space and time and they could live without consequences if they want to... and how does that corrupt them? How does it change the way they view morality? So it's something I think is interesting and we want to carry on exploring."

The origins of the Lazarus Project, including who financed the institute and its ability to rewind time, is also something Barton is keen to explore going forward. "That's something that we would like to explore in more detail in future series, if we're lucky enough to get any.

"We intentionally didn't go too far above Caroline [Quentin]'s character [Wes] and it's quite shady, but there's questions of who's pulling the strings. That's definitely a big part of what a second series will be."

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The Lazarus Project season 1 is available to watch now via Sky and NOW – sign up for Sky TV here.

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