Star Wars: The Bad Batch is finally here to reveal the further adventures of Clone Force 99, an elite squad of genetically modified soldiers packing a variety of unique abilities.


The team was originally introduced in the final season of The Clone Wars, which depicted the dark final days of the devastating conflict between the Republic and the Separatists.

The Bad Batch will pick up directly where the show left off as this misfit squadron is caught in the chaos of Order 66 and then forced to fend for themselves as the Empire strengthens its grip.

The entire team is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker, who will be well known to Star Wars fans as the voice of the clone army and its senior figures, including Captain Rex and Commander Cody.

If you're unfamiliar with The Bad Batch and their powers, read on for your full rundown of the team's abilities.

Who are The Bad Batch?

Hunter (Dee Bradley Baker)

Star Wars: The Bad Batch / The Clone Wars – Hunter

Power: Heightened senses

With his unrivalled ability to stay calm and collected under pressure, Hunter is the leader of Clone Force 99 (aka The Bad Batch). He was engineered to have heightened senses, allowing him to track his targets with greater accuracy than any technological device could. It's not just droids and living beings he can find either, as Hunter can also sense electromagnetic frequencies, which he uses to find locations of interest from anywhere on a planet.

Wrecker (Dee Bradley Baker)

Star Wars: The Bad Batch / The Clone Wars – Wrecker

Power: Super strength

Wrecker was genetically modified to have super-strength, allowing him to carry enormous weight, burst through walls and accomplish many other astonishing feats. He is the least intellectual of the group and rather short of patience, quickly becoming frustrated when a mission requires stealth rather than explosives.

Tech (Dee Bradley Baker)

Star Wars: The Bad Batch / The Clone Wars – Tech

Power: Enhanced intellect

Tech was engineered to be extremely intelligent, with a particular aptitude towards science, technology and linguistics that comes in handy while navigating dangerous missions. In The Clone Wars, we saw him hack into restricted areas and communicate with a remote tribe of aliens using an ancient language. No doubt this technical prowess will be crucial to evading the imperial forces.

Crosshair (Dee Bradley Baker)

Star Wars: The Bad Batch / The Clone Wars – Crosshair

Power: Sharpshooting

Given that most troopers in the Star Wars universe couldn't hit a target if it was standing right in front of them, Crosshair stands out as a cut above the rest. He was engineered to wield weapons with precision and expertise, meaning he can hit a difficult target in even the most adverse conditions. However, his social skills leave a lot to be desired as he can often seem cold and distant compared with the rest of his team.

More like this

Echo (Dee Bradley Baker)

Star Wars: The Bad Batch / The Clone Wars – Echo

Power: Cybernetic parts

Echo is technically a 'reg' – that is to say, a regular clone with no genetic enhancements. However, after a mission under the command of Anakin Skywalker went south, he was taken captive by the Separatist Techno Union and experimented on. They modified him with cybernetic parts and used his knowledge of clone strategies against the Republic forces for some time. Eventually, he was rescued by Anakin, Rex and the Bad Batch, deciding to join their ranks as he no longer fitted in with standard squads. In addition to being an efficient soldier, Echo's technological components allow him to hack into secure systems.

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