TNT's post-apocalyptic thriller series Snowpiercer is back before you can blink in the eye of a blizzard, on 25th January 2021, with super-villain Mr Wilford on board permanently to cause discord: Sean Bean has joined the main cast.


A new trailer for season two was released at the virtual New York Comic Con panel.

The two sides are pitted against each other as season two is teased.

The unofficial leader on board, Layton (Daveed Diggs), says: "Every revolution begins as a seed. It festers and spreads like a wildfire. The gates are kicked down and the castle is stormed..."

Wilford then says, ominously: "Let us remember this moment, this opportunity, to set the world straight again."

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Layton responds: "You might think this is where the revolution ends. Really. It’s only just begun."

The series based on the 2013 film by Oscar-winner Bong Joon-ho (Parasite), which was based on a French graphic novel, premiered earlier this year on Netflix in the UK and is set on a train of the same name, which perpetually circles the globe following an event that turned the world into a frozen and inhospitable, dead landscape.

Snowpiercer is a tribal, stomping, hell-train of a ride which follows the struggles of the few humans still alive on the planet, who are battling for their rights as class warfare is waged on the train.

In season two, the survivors of the Tailies revolution are trying to maintain peace on board the hell-train, with Layton emerging as the train’s leader. But Melanie Cavill (Jennifer Connelly) has found out that the unscrupulous Wilford is still alive.

She knows how dangerous he is to their existence and she risks going outside to prevent him invading the Snowpiercer.

Meanwhile, a new character introduced in the season one finale, her daughter Alexandra (Rowan Blanchard), is revealed to be Wilford's new associate.

Christmas might be frosty at the Cavills this year.

Deadline reported Snowpiercer show runner Graeme Manson saying one of the key points about season two was Layton taking responsibility for creating a new democracy. “Then, Wilford’s train arrives on the horizon, and season two is this very timely examination of authoritarianism coming up against a fledgling democracy, and the difficulties of that. It finds Melanie and Layton on the same foot, which [marks] the next chapter of this relationship. So, season two offers a lot more, with the complication of Wilford, the terrible nemesis, and then Rowan’s character.”

It's not yet clear when Snowpiercer season two will be available in the UK.


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