Sean Pertwee says he’s been approached about appearing in Doctor Who

The son of Third Doctor Jon Pertwee says he’d be keen to play “an evil son or something weird” in the BBC sci-fi series


Ever since he posted a couple of photos dressed up in his dad’s old Doctor Who costume, fans have been keen for Sean Pertwee – son of beloved Third Doctor Jon Pertwee – to have a role in the BBC sci-fi series, perhaps even playing his father’s role.


And while Gotham star Pertwee jr. isn’t entirely keen on jumping into his dad’s shoes, saying it would be “too strange,” he has now once again noted that he has been approached about starring in the series (having previously been asked to be in the 2015 series), though at the moment he’s keeping schtum about exactly how the conversations went.

“I have been…” he started saying to Doctor Who Magazine before breaking off. “I should be careful what I say, but there were noises made about me being involved in some capacity.

“I would very much like to do that, as an ode to my father, if I was lucky enough to be asked.”

And Pertwee already has a few ideas about how he could fit into the Doctor Who world, suggesting that his close familial connection to the series could lend itself to some interesting character choices.

“People will focus on it, because of my relationship with the Doctor Who family, so it would have to be something a little more interesting… an evil son or something weird,” he said.

“You figure it out. I don’t know what, but I would like to do something, as an ode to my dad. I really would.”

Given that the series has previously managed to cast two separate sons of Second Doctor Patrick Troughton in recent years (David Troughton in 2008’s Midnight, and Michael Troughton in 2014’s Last Christmas), we reckon they could pull it off – and given her propensity for Venusian Aikido, who better to welcome a Pertwee into the fold than Jodie Whittaker?


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