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David Tennant is getting a little bored with endless Doctor Who questions

The former Tenth Doctor says there aren’t “any new questions” about his time in the Tardis, but people keep asking the old ones

Published: Friday, 7th June 2019 at 11:37 am

Taking a role in Doctor Who marks you for life, especially in the lead role, with many actors never quite shaking the brand of once being the Doctor.


And now, popular ex-Time Lord David Tennant (who played the Tenth Doctor from 2005 to 2010) has admitted that he sometimes gets frustrated by the fact that he’s still so often asked about the role in interviews, despite it being almost 10 years since he handed in his Tardis keys.

“It certainly gets to a stage where there aren't really any new questions to be asked about something like that,” Tennant told GQ.

Earlier, he’d noted: “I think it's a dumb part of your job, going around and being yourself to strangers. That's not really got anything to do with pretending to be other people, which is why it’s almost a separate discipline.

“You have to learn as you go how to interact with that side of the profession.”

Since starring in Who Tennant has appeared in movies, streaming series like Marvel’s Jessica Jones, cartoons like Ducktales and TV dramas including Broadchurch and new project Good Omens, but it’s fair to say that many people still know him best as the pinstriped, Conversed alien traveller who used to hang out with Billie Piper.

Still, Tennant admitted in the same interview that he found it hard to resent the continuing interest in that time of his life.

“You've been in something that people love, so it’s churlish to deny that,” he said.

“[Or] pretend that you don't expect to ever be asked about it.”

Noting that he’d gone into the series with both eyes open, he added: “With Doctor Who, I felt completely prepared for that because I knew. I'd had that experience.

“With [Good Omens] it was like, I discovered the fandom, the passion for it, after. I committed to it just thinking, ‘this is a f***ing great script, I don't want anyone else to do this part.’”

Good job he doesn’t mind too much – because based on the life and career of Tom Baker, Tennant has a few more decades of incessant Who questioning to look forward to…


Doctor Who returns to BBC1 in 2020


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