New Disney Plus series Ms Marvel has been a smash hit, with fans and critics alike quickly warming to the adventures of New Jersey wannabe-superhero Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani).


And while many have praised the show for its (relatively) grounded storyline and stakes compared to other Marvel projects, the latest episode has taken things in a bigger, more momentous direction…

If you haven’t seen the Disney Plus show's fourth episode look away now, as we’re delving into some minor spoilers.

To begin with, this episode takes things in a new direction by transporting the action (and Kamala) to Karachi in Pakistan, where she was determined to discover more about her Djinn origins.

Happily, she did – finding a group called the Red Daggers, who were sworn to defend humanity from the Clan Destine and other Djinn. After a brief misunderstanding, Kamala worked with them to learn the truth about where she was from and her abilities.

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However, it wasn’t long before the escaped Clan Destine tracked her down, battling the Red Daggers and Kamala across the streets of Karachi until a knife thrust stabbed straight into her bracelet (which the Clan Destine are after).

Ms Marvel – Clan Destine
Kamala Khan’s story just keeps getting bigger Disney

And then… things got weird.

Suddenly Kamala found herself transported to the Karachi train station again, but apparently in the 1940s, during the Partition of India (which has been referenced throughout the series so far). The episode ends with Kamala standing on top of a train, watching the chaos as masses of refugees desperately try to board to reach safety.

Basically, if you thought taking Kamala to the other side of the world was raising the stakes, get a load of this. Now trapped in the past, Kamala will need to find her way home and defeat the Clan Destine… assuming she doesn’t get swept up in the tide of history before she can do either.

It’s a real stake-raiser for the series that may also answer a few lingering questions – Kamala’s grandma’s old story about how a ‘trail of stars’ helped save her mother will surely be something Kamala enacts while she’s in the '40s – as we head into the final two episodes of Ms Marvel.

Basically, time-travel isn’t just for Avengers, TVA Agents and rogue Asgardians any more. In the new and evolving world of Marvel, anything is possible.

Ms Marvel releases new episodes on Wednesdays. Check out more of our Sci-Fi coverage or visit our TV Guide to see what's on tonight.


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