Listen to the Doctor Who podcast: Big changes for series 13

New cast! New trailer! New format! Let’s get down and detailed as we discuss all the news from Comic-Con@Home.

Doctor Who

Rejoice, Doctor Who fans! We finally have some official news about Doctor Who series 13, with the team behind the BBC sci-fi series releasing loads of new details about the upcoming episodes.


Depending on your viewpoint, the biggest news released during the Comic-Con@Home panel was either the casting of Game of Thrones star Jacob Anderson as Vinder (a new recurring ally for the TARDIS team), the first-look teaser trailer or the reveal that the series would have a new serialised format, as explained by series boss Chris Chibnall.

“The big thing we’re going to be doing this year is that it’s all one story – so every episode is a chapter in a bigger story,” he said.

“And so we’ve changed the shape of the series for this year.

“It’s very much not a business as usual time,” he added, explaining the role that coronavirus restrictions had made on the decision.

“And I think the challenges of getting the show up and running.. […] there were two ways we could go. You could go ‘we’re just going to do lots and lots of tiny episodes in one room with no monsters. Or we can throw down the gauntlet and say we’re gonna do the biggest story we’ve ever done, and we’re going to go to all kind of different places, and have all different characters and monsters, and it’s all gonna be part of a bigger whole.

“I think it’s definitely the most ambitious thing we’ve done…it’s epic and ambitious and we do go to a lot of places.”

In this week’s Doctor Who podcast (above) we delve into this and all the other news from the panel, speculating about how this unusual series could fit together and what the production team are still keeping secret from us (including the “old” monsters hinted at during the panel).

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