Speculation that Jodie Whittaker could be leaving Doctor Who after the upcoming thirteenth series has been gaining momentum since the beginning of the year, with Doctor Who fans taking to social media to show support for Whittaker amid the exit rumours.


Now, a new report from The Mirror claims Whittaker's regeneration has moved to later next year. According to the outlet's source, Whittaker will appear in two specials after a shorter series 13 before the 14th Doctor takes over.

The BBC declined to comment on the story when RadioTimes.com reached out for confirmation, so nothing is set in stone at this stage.

The Mirror also noted that the 2022 Doctor Who annual will not have Whittaker on the cover.

This year's annual is the first in the show's 57-year history not to feature the current Time Lord on the cover, going instead for an illustration of the TARDIS.

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One source reportedly told the publication: “Every Doctor Who annual since 1964 has featured the current Doctor so this is a big departure for them. It's surely no coincidence that it's happened just as she's on the way out.”

When asked why Whittaker wasn't on the cover, writer Paul Lang told fans on Twitter "[Whittaker] was inside on (nearly) every page".

It's worth remembering that it's all speculation at this point, and Thirteen has recently been featured front and centre on Doctor Who novelisations and spin-off games like The Edge of Reality, as well as Doctor Who calendars for 2022.

Plus, in previous years, when the incumbent Doctor was officially leaving the show, they featured on Doctor Who annual covers anyway, so it's hard to take Whittaker's absence as any kind of evidence one way or another.

For now, it's possible that Whittaker could have plenty more time in the TARDIS – though as ever in the world of Doctor Who, the future is uncertain.


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