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Is DC's Cyborg movie still happening? When will it be released?

Everything you need to know about the mooted superhero film...

Published: Monday, 2nd December 2019 at 5:40 pm

It’s going to take a while to get used to the renewed sense of optimism that now accompanies a new DC film, but it’s fair to say that recent movies in the franchise have done a lot to revitalise what was once seen as a doomed project.


With Joker becoming the highest grossing R-rated film of all time, there’s now enhanced expectations for new releases. Cyborg will be hoping to live up to those – if it ever sees the light of day, that is.

Here’s everything you need to know about the mooted feature…

When is Cyborg in cinemas?

Well, the film was originally slated for a release date of April 3rd 2020, but it would appear that this is no longer the case, with the movie having been delayed.

It’s not quite clear when we can expect to see the film in cinemas, but all the noises coming out of DC suggest that it could still be some way off.

Joe Morton, who plays Silas Stone in the DCEU, told Slash Film in 2018, “I know there’s supposed to be a Cyborg movie they’re going to shoot in 2020. That’s all I know. I haven’t seen a script.”

Not too much more information has come to light since then, but we’ll keep this updated when things get a bit clearer.

What is Cyborg about?

Unfortunately, this is also unclear – although it’s probably fairly likely that the movie will serve as an origin story for the character. 

In the comics, Cyborg is the superhero alter ego of Victor Stone – a boy who was used as a subject for intelligence enhancement projects and grew up to have an abnormally high IQ.

After a nasty incident during which is mother dies, Victor is unconscious and is only revived when his father installs artificial limbs and implants – which give him his signature look.

Who is in the Cyborg cast?

It's expected that Ray Fisher (True Detective) will return as the title character, while it’s also likely that Joe Morton (Scandal) will reprise his role as Silas Stone, his father. Beyond that though, it’s anybody’s guess – no official announcements have been made.

Which other DC films has Cyborg appeared in?

Having first appeared in a cameo role in 2016’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Fisher was a key player in the critically panned Justice League film in 2017.

It’s been suggested that some of the scenes originally shot for Justice League, as part of the fabled Snyder Cut, could make their way into a Cyborg film – with Joe Morton claiming that scenes between he and Fisher that were cut might be repurposed.

Doom Patrol
Doom Patrol

As if to confuse things, Cyborg also appeared in the DC television series Doom Patrol – albeit portrayed by Jovian Wade (The First Purge) rather than Fisher. The show also exists in a separate continuity to the movies.


Is there a trailer for Cyborg?

Given how little we actually know about the film so far, it won’t surprise you to hear that a trailer has not been made available yet – we’ll add one here if and when it materialises.


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