Amazing interactive Doctor Who Tube map

Crispian Jago's Beckesque design lays bare the whole Whoniverse

Interactive Tube Map

Harry Beck turned London’s Tube network into a circuit diagram back in 1931 and now critical thinking blogger Crispian Jago has done the same for the Whoniverse.


Jago’s Doctor Who Tube map plots out the locations, adversaries and companions encountered by each Doctor in meticulous detail. Each ‘station’ en route is clickable, and many pieces of the map can be hovered over for yet more information.

It is, in short, staggering – a true labour of love. But unbelievably Jago plans on adding further details and characters to his map “if time and enthusiasm permits”.

And despite some minor kvetching about the occasional blip here and there, the map is eliciting the sorts of positive reactions reserved for the likes of sliced bread. IT Crowd creator Graham Linehan even joked on Twitter that he was enjoying the ultra-clickable map so much it was giving him a “contact high”.


Check out the map yourself and start planning your route to 79b Aickman Road by way of Madame Kovarian.