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How many of these Daleks did you spot in The Witch's Familiar?

Daleks from throughout history gathered together on a rebuilt Skaro to join Davros in his latest plot against the Doctor

Published: Saturday, 26th September 2015 at 7:25 pm

Doctor Who series nine opener The Magician's Apprentice offered us a glimpse of what a disco at a Dalek school reunion – or an episode of Strictly Come Dalek – might look like, with a lovely range of models from down the years milling about coyly in Skaro's shiny-floored control centre.


The Witch's Familiar – the conclusion to the two-part adventure – got us up a bit more close and personal with some of our favourites, giving us the chance to really play Dalek Bingo. So which of the following Daleks did you spot – and how many of them could you name? 

1. Special Weapons Dalek

When other Daleks nickname one of their own kind The Abomination, it's time to be very afraid. The notorious SWD does what it says on the heavily armoured can and has been known to leave nothing but scorch marks after training its giant energy cannon on a pair of ordinary Daleks. Ace and the Seventh Doctor tangled with a Special Weapons Dalek back in the 80s and we briefly glimpsed one in series seven opener Asylum of the Daleks and in The Magician's Apprentice. Here, we get up close and personal with it – like that's something you'd ever want to do with a Dalek.

2. Bronze (New Series Dalek)

First seen in the singular in Ninth Doctor episode Dalek, these have been your standard issue model ever since, yet they're so much more detailed and well-crafted than previous rank-and-file Daleks. In fact, that burnished bronze finish makes them rather beautiful – if you can say that about a bunch of genocidal megalomaniacs...

3. Supreme Dalek

This Ferrari-like version of the Supreme Dalek – aka Supreme One – was last seen, again alongside Davros, in series four story The Stolen Earth/Journey's End (although its pillar box red colour was reputedly inspired by a model featured in non-canonical movie Dalek Invasion Earth 2150 AD). If the regal design and the fact that it's standing on its own little podium weren't enough to convince you it's in charge, the Supreme Dalek all so has a louder, deeper voice (not to mention a third light on its head. Ooh, fancy...)

 4. Emperor's Guard

Or Imperial Guard, or Elite Guard, take your pick. Whatever you call it, this version which – you guessed it – guarded the Dalek Emperor was seen in 1960s First and Second Doctor episodes The Chase and Evil of the Daleks. As well as that distinctive black dome, the Emperor's Guards sometimes featured a more powerful gun-stick and an arm ending in a claw. Well the Emperor wasn't going to settle for a bunch of sink plungers, was he?

5. Silver

The original Daleks! But now in full colour! Yes, let's end at the beginning with the first ever Daleks encountered by William Hartnell's Doctor in aptly named 1963 serial The Daleks. A shame he only ever got to see them in black and white...


Doctor Who series nine continues on Saturday at 8:25pm on BBC1


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