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Yes, this week’s Doctor Who episode – Survivors of the Flux – just dropped a lot of new information, from the Doctor’s (maybe) true origins and the reason behind the Flux as well as an alternative history of UNIT starring Craig Parkinson’s Grand Serpent.

In this week’s Radio Times Doctor Who podcast we get to grips with all the big reveals, try to unpick this new UNIT dating controversy and also (when we get past those weighty topics) give our review of series 13’s penultimate episode.

All that, plus our regular Controversial Question of the Week, Who news and interview segments. We do spoil you.

What else can I expect from the latest episode?

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Alongside our review of Flux: Chapter Five, we caught up with the surprise star of the episode’s twist ending – Scottish actor Jonathan Watson, aka Doctor Who’s new Sontaran Commander.

Revealed to be working with the Grand Serpent in the closing scenes of the episode ahead of a full invasion in the finale, Watson was more than happy to be back in the series.

"It was great," Watson told us. "Because originally, there was no guarantee that the Sontarans were coming back. It was the possibility. So I think in the first script, I was kicked over a cliff, dead. Thankfully, that was rewritten. The script is now along the lines of me saying to Jodie, 'I will return.'

"So I knew, then, it was going to be OK. No, it was good to come back for the finale, and it was great to go back down in the spring of this year, to complete it. I really enjoyed it."

Asked about next week’s finale, he added: "I think the response has been so positive with this series, I think they will love the way that it finishes up.

"I can’t say too much – it’s very tricky. But I think it’s a wonderful conclusion. I really hope that the fans enjoy it as much as I did being part of it."

Later, in Controversial Question of the Week we’re asking – is it ever OK to recast an ex-Doctor?

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