Doctor Who: Flux’s fifth and penultimate episode Survivors of the Flux ends with a bit of a twist, as Craig Serpent’s villainous Grand Serpent is revealed to have been in cahoots with the Sontarans and preparing Earth for their invasion using time travel (via some shady UNIT chicanery).

Now, in the upcoming finale it looks like the Sontarans are on the march again after appearances in the first two episodes of the series – and according to lead Sontaran actor Jonathan Watson, they’re quickly back up to their old tricks.

"It was good to come back for the finale, and it was great to go back down in the spring of this year, to complete it. I really enjoyed it," Watson, last seen in Flux’s second episode exclusively told

"All I can say is, [the Sontarans] haven’t changed. They’re still looking for confrontation and destruction, and all these things that they enjoy. No, there’s not a lot of twists or anything like that."

Exactly what the Sontarans will get up to in the finale is still top-secret, as are details of the episode more generally. But Watson said he thought viewers would be satisfied with how The Vanquishers ties things up, especially if they’ve been enjoying the story thus far.

"I think the response has been so positive with this series, I think they will love the way that it finishes up," he told us.

Two Doors Down
Jonathan Watson in BBC sitcom Two Doors Down

"I can’t say too much – it’s very tricky. But I think it’s a wonderful conclusion. I really hope that the fans enjoy it as much as I did being part of it."

Altogether, by Watson’s telling it sounds like fans have quite a finale to look forward to – especially if you’re a fan of Scottish Sontarans.

To hear more from Jonathan Watson, you can check out our full interview in the latest episode of the Radio Times Doctor Who podcast now.

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