We’re back!


After a long absence for both our podcast and Doctor Who in general, we’ve returned for a one-off episode to take a look at… er… a new one-off episode. Specifically, of course, we’re giving our verdict on Legend of the Sea Devils, the new Doctor Who Easter special that happens to serve as Jodie Whittaker’s penultimate adventure.

Was this a festive treat to savour alongside your mountain of chocolate, or less than eggs-celent? Were the new Sea Devils a roaring triumph, or a damp squib? Find out what we thought by listening to the full podcast below, or on whichever podcast provider takes your fancy at this given moment.

We also delve into the question of the Doctor and Yaz, look ahead to the centenary special this autumn, and ponder the age-old question: which is the best season of Doctor Who? By which we mean, spring or autumn?

All that, and we caught up with episode co-writer Ella Road, who revealed the unusual way she was inducted into the world of Who.

"I basically chatted to them on the phone, and they were like, 'Are you in? We need someone immediately.'" she tells us.

"And I was like, 'Yeah, cool. So what’s the story that I’m writing?' And they were like, 'We don’t have a story. We want you to come and make it up.'

"So there I was, suddenly on a train to Wales, to sit in Chris’s living room for three days, and come up with some ideas."

Altogether, we hope it’s a Doctor Who podcast that was worth the wait. Only six months to go until the next one…

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