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Listen to the Doctor Who podcast: Behind-the-scenes of Time Fracture

We went to the site of the new immersive Doctor Who adventure to catch up with the creators, and find out what’s in store for fans.

Doctor Who
Published: Wednesday, 2nd June 2021 at 11:33 am

New Doctor Who immersive experience Time Fracture has finally thrown open its TARDIS doors – but what can fans expect when they head over to UNIT HQ in Holborn, London?


To find out we went along to the site of the upcoming attraction to check out what was in store ourselves, with a whistle-stop tour of an alien market, an outer-space dive bar, the court of Queen Elizabeth I, a Cyberman Tomb and much more, while also chatting to the creatives behind the project to find out more.

And now, in this week’s Doctor Who podcast you can hear those interviews yourself, including cast member (and sometime Tudor Queen) Charlie Burt, production designer (and crafter of David Tennant hands) Rebecca Brower alongside writer and director Daniel Dingsdale and Tom Maller.

“You can walk in off the street, having never seen an episode of Doctor Who or done any research and come in and have this adventure,” Dingsdale tells us during the conversation.

“Because it's set in its own little pocket universe. Due to the time fracture, creating habit with the dimensions. It's got a solid beginning, middle and end so you can walk in off the street and just go on this adventure.

“However, if you are a Whovian and if you are a Doctor Who fan, everything within the show, it will be familiar to you. Everything that is hidden somewhere it is nodding to or paying homage to the last 60 years nearly of Whovian canon. So if you are a Whovian, you're gonna have a wonderful night.

Doctor Who
A Kerblam! man in Doctor Who: Time Fracture (Immersive Everywhere)

“And there's a lot of fun in this. I think there's nearly 1000s of Easter eggs now because every prop every costume, every location, bit of lore, the plotlines, they're all things that will be familiar to those who love Doctor Who.”

“The audience is the heart of the story,” Maller adds later. “We want the audience to feel like they have agency they have a purpose. They're playing a role. And they matter and what they say means something.

“And so it's really important that our actors are trained to know that. They listen to the audience, which is amazing. And they react to their audience. And that is how you kind of pick your choose your adventure, form of theatre, which we think is the most exciting.”

Want more? Check out our full preview of Doctor Who: Time Fracture or catch up with last week’s podcast about 13 years of River Song.

Doctor Who: Time Fracture is open now, and you can find out more about it here.


Doctor Who returns to BBC One later this year. Check out our dedicated Sci-Fi page for more stories, or our TV Guide for something new to watch.


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