Listen to’s Doctor Who podcast: series 12 overall review

Was Jodie Whittaker’s second series a big step up? What were the best episodes, and what were the worst moments? We take an in-depth delve into series 12

Bradley Walsh as Graham, Jodie Whittaker as The Doctor, Tosin Cole as Ryan, Mandip Gill as Yaz - Doctor Who _ Season 12

It’s time for Doctor Who fans to take a trip back in time, as the Doctor Who podcast delves into the highs and lows of series 12, starting with Spyfall all the way up until The Timeless Children.


Huw Fullerton and Morgan Jeffery take a step-by-step walk through every episode of Jodie Whittaker’s second series in the TARDIS, noting the best twists, the less-than-exciting moments and what’s changed since the previous 2018 series.

How does Sacha Dhawan’s Master stack up? Can the series ever top Fugitive of the Judoon’s big surprises? Is the Timeless Children too controversial for words, and will we ever decide whether Praxeus was good or not? Will any of us remember Nikola Tesla’s Night of Terror in 6 months? And how have we all forgotten how strange it is to have Captain Jack Harkness back in Doctor Who?

We try to answer all these questions and more in our podcast, which you can listen to in full above.

And don’t forget to check back on Wednesdays for future editions of the Doctor Who podcast – the series might be over, but we’re not done talking about it just yet…


Doctor Who: Revolution of the Daleks comes to BBC One in late 2020/early 2021