Doctor Who: Flux is in full swing, with second episode War of the Sontarans leaving us with some pretty big questions to ponder.


One question that the show won't answer for a long while yet is who will replace Jodie Whittaker when she leaves the TARDIS for good following the Doctor Who specials planned for 2022.

Though we still don't know who will play the next Doctor, plenty of names have been thrown into the mix by fans, including Lydia West's.

The rising star has had roles in Russell T Davies' Years and Years and It's a Sin, and with Davies set to take over from Doctor Who showrunner Chris Chibnall next year, many have wondered whether he might bring West – or her It's a Sin co-star Olly Alexander – along for the ride.

West herself addressed the rumours during an exclusive chat with

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"I mean, the fact I’ve been named as one of the favourites is quite special," she said. "So I mean, it would be an honour to be the Doctor. I'm glad people think I could do it. So yeah."

West also told us what she thinks Davies will do with Doctor Who when he returns.

"Oh, I think [Russell is] going to do absolutely brilliantly," she said. "I think he's just amazing at everything. His era of Doctor Who was just amazing. So I just feel like it will have a modern twist to it and something very unique and special and new, but also with Russell bringing his classic writing style and stance. I think it’s going to be astonishing."

We have some time yet before we find out what Davies' "modern twist" could be, and whether it will be West bringing it to life on screen.

Meanwhile, you can catch West in the most recent episode of Sky's Portrait Artist of the Year, where she sat for a fresh batch of artists competing for a commission to paint violinist Nicola Benedetti. Speaking of why she took part in the competition, West told it was a "great thing".

"So I was approached to do it and I've seen the show a couple of times, and I was really interested in it," she said. "I think it’s just a great thing to kind of introduce new artists to the world and support young artists and very established artists too.

"I’ve never had my portrait drawn, so I was for up for the challenge. I didn't really know what it would entail or what to make of it until I got there. But I think it's promoting something very good."

Additional reporting by Grace Henry.


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