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Doctor Who fans react to shocking twists in Fugitive of the Judoon

The episode included both the return of a beloved character and a jaw-dropping revelation

Published: Monday, 27th January 2020 at 12:18 pm

It’s fair to say that the latest Doctor Who episode was the most explosive of the show for some time – and fans have responded accordingly on social media.


As if the return of John Barrowman’s Captain Jack Harkness in the first half of the episode wasn’t enough to get Whovian pulses racing, the revelation towards the end of the episode that Jo Martin’s character Ruth was actually another iteration of the Doctor was truly mind-blowing.

Many fans of the show took to Twitter to make their feelings clear about both moments.

First, many Twitter users rejoiced at the return of Jack – who has always been a fan-favourite and came top of a poll last year to determine which character fans would most like to see return.

One fan claimed, “Captain Jack?!? This is the best day of my life” while another added, “Captain Jack Harkness is BACK! I’m Screaming!”

And fan account The Who Addicts wrote, “Every series it's been rumoured, every year we've hoped, and finally tonight, after over a DECADE, we got the return of CAPTAIN JACK HARKNESS!!!!!! WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE!!!!!!”

The twist about the new Doctor also prompted a whole lot of reaction on social media – with fans responding with both excitement and confusion at the new development, and several speculating possible theories as to its meaning.

Meanwhile, many Twitter users also praised the show for casting the first black Doctor in the show’s history.

One fan wrote, “I grew up watching doctor who and this is EVERYTHING to me.

“Do you realize that there will be a generation of kids who have only known the last three doctors, two of them being women and one of them being black??? I LOVE this for them.”

Fan account The Women of Who added, “Doctor Who is coming through with the diversity in Time Lords in this era.

“Notice how the performances have all been absolutely amazing? This is what happens when you finally allow for a much broader range of casting options.

“Keep 'em comin.”

Overall, there was an overwhelmingly positive response to the episode from fans, with many calling it the finest episode of the Chibnall era so far.

Speaking about the episode as a whole, one fan wrote, “I am beyond ecstatic. THAT is the show I grew up with. That is my Doctor Who. Utopia meets The Family of Blood. The return of Captain Jack Harkness and Jo Martin introduced as a brand-new Doctor. Wow. Just wow.”


Doctor Who continues on Sundays at 7.10pm on BBC One.


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