Paul McGann's Eighth Doctor is set to be reunited with a familiar face in a new series of Doctor Who stories... or is he meeting them for the first time?


Emma Campbell-Jones will reprise her role of Cass Fermazzi for a new series of stories from audio drama producers Big Finish – a decade after first appearing in the 2013 special The Night of the Doctor.

That mini-episode introduced us space gunship pilot Cass, who refused to be rescued by the Doctor as she blamed him and all Time Lords for the destruction wrought by the Time War. Cass died when her ship crash-landed on the planet Karn, an event which also caused the Eighth Doctor to regenerate.

In a new series of stories, Cass somehow meets the Eighth Doctor again, but at an earlier point in his life...

Emma Campbell-Jones said: "I’ve been very much hoping and wishing ever since we did that minisode that there would be more adventure and magic at some point. Words can’t describe how happy I am to be back.

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"In The Night of the Doctor, it felt like Cass was just starting out and then her story was very much curtailed. It was desperately heartbreaking. I love that she has another chance — unwittingly, as she doesn’t know her story yet. I’m really excited about her journeys to come and that she has more life to live. It’s beautiful and exciting."

Emma Campbell-Jones and Paul McGann
Emma Campbell-Jones and Paul McGann reunited Tony Whitmore

The Eighth Doctor Adventures: Time War – Cass will be comprised of three audio adventures: Meanwhile, Elsewhere by Tim Foley, Vespertine by Lou Morgan and the two-part Previously, Next Time by James Moran.

"Cass is back and she even gets to be the title of this fifth box set in the Eighth Doctor’s Time War saga!" teased producer David Richardson. "But how can this be? Cass met the Doctor once in The Night of the Doctor and died at the end of that story. Unless something cataclysmic is happening to the course of history… something huge like a war within time…"

The Eighth Doctor Adventures: Time War – Cass is available to pre-order now for £24.99 (collector’s edition 4-disc CD box set + download) or £19.99 (download only) from The release and Time War 6 (title TBC), due for release in April 2024, are also available to pre-order together in a bundle from £39.

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