While this week's latest episode of Doctor Who, Dot and Bubble, has gotten people talking, the viewing figures are now in for previous episode 73 Yards.


The fourth episode of the current run has achieved a new season high.

According to Barb, 73 Yards was watched by a total of 4.058 million people, compared to 4.01 million for Space Babies, 3.91 million for The Devil's Chord and 3.57 million for Boom.

The figure of 4.058 million is the total consolidated audience figure for the first seven days following the episode's release, taking into account pre-broadcast viewing and viewing on tablets, PCs and smartphones.

Doctor Who once again fell in the top 50 most-watched programmes of the week commencing 20th May, and in line with its impressive seven-day ratings, the overnight figures also signalled success for the mysterious episode of the sci-fi.

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Millie Gibson as Ruby Sunday in Doctor Who episode 73 Yards crouching on a grassy area
Millie Gibson as Ruby Sunday in Doctor Who episode 73 Yards. ,BBC Studios,James Pardon

According to figures from Barb (via DoctorWhoTV), the episode was watched during its BBC One transmission by 2.62 million viewers, up from Space Babies - which was previously the most-watched episode of the season.

The series, of course, has switched to a BBC iPlayer-first release strategy, meaning that fans can tune into the latest Whovian adventure at midnight to get ahead of any impending spoilers.

This means that by the time the episode does air on BBC One, many have already soaked in the action.

That being said, the figures for 73 Yards are still very impressive, and the episode itself certainly passed the mind-bending tickbox.

Showrunner Russell T Davies previously told RadioTimes.com about the mystery villain at the heart of 73 Yards, saying: "Episode 4 has got possibly the strangest villain you’ll ever see. You have to come and watch - even in an interview like this, it’s hard to describe. You’ve got to come and watch episode 4 to understand what’s going on."

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The episode's guest cast included Peaky Blinders' Aneurin Barnard as politician Roger ap Gwilliam, as well as Siân Phillips as Enid Meadows and Susan Twist - who returned for another role, playing "The Hiker".

The overnight ratings for the show's latest episode, Dot and Bubble, were also revealed, being watched during its BBC One transmission by 2.12 million on BBC One.

While still a big figure, Dot and Bubble's overnights were down on the current most-watched episode of the season, which remains 73 Yards.

Doctor Who continues Saturdays on BBC One and iPlayer.


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