Clara Oswald looks dangerously determined in the face of Doctor Who’s Zygon Invasion

The Doctor's companion means business in black as the Zygons strike back

She’s never been one to sit quietly inside the Tardis so is it any surprise to see Doctor Who’s Clara Oswald hopping on a motorbike Mission: Impossible-style to launch a rocket into the air?


We got our first sneak peek at Clara in action during the trailer for The Zygon Invasion as Maisie Williams bid the Doctor goodbye (for now) in The Woman Who Lived, and now we can take a closer look ahead of Saturday night’s Halloween episode.

It’s quite the spooktacular cracker, as the Zygons kidnap Osgood (how on EARTH did she survive?) and the Doctor teams up with Unit to save her and quash an alien uprising in the process.

Clara, of course, is drafted in to help the cause and she’s not afraid to get her hands dirty.

Can she save Osgood and stop the Zygons before it’s too late?


Doctor Who The Zygon Invasion airs on BBC1 on Saturday October 31st at 8.15pm