Christopher Eccleston is back as Doctor Who for fans’ wedding video

But where was the Time Lord's invite?

Doctor Who wedding video

Well, they did need something old and blue. But when two Doctor Who fans were getting hitched, they probably didn’t expect an appearance by the Doctor himself. Not that he was entirely happy about it.


“That’s just typical,” whinged Christopher Eccleston, back in character as the Doctor. “You fall in love, you get married, you’re really happy, and me, the Doctor, who’s saved the universe god knows how many times, doesn’t get an invite.”

“Doesn’t. Get. An invite. Typical of you apes, isn’t it?”

Daww, he’s a softie really. The surprise message for Liam and Blaine – or ‘Blame’ as the Doctor rechristens them – is a touching reminder that even if Eccleston left the series under contentious circumstances, he has always made time for the fans. Just try to listen to the last line without blubbing.


“My two hearts are beating as one for you today. Congratulations on your wedding day, and I won’t be there in the blue box, but I will be there in spirit.”