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Chris Pine is back as Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman 2 and we have a LOT of questions

Wonder Woman's love interest – and WWI war hero – has unexpectedly made it to 1984

Published: Wednesday, 13th June 2018 at 3:28 pm

**WARNING: Spoilers for Wonder Woman (2017)**


Remember that big emotional moment in Wonder Woman when Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) heroically sacrificed his life, leaving Diana (Gal Gadot) heartbroken? Remember when he died in that big plane explosion? Except, er, apparently he didn't.

Because director Patty Jenkins has revealed that Chris Pine is BACK for the Wonder Woman sequel.

Jenkins shared a new photo of Diana's love interest in an eighties shopping mall, wearing a tracksuit and sneakers. "Welcome to Wonder Woman 1984, Steve Trevor!" she wrote.

And sure enough, there's our American pilot and WWI hero, looking pretty fresh-faced for someone who should be A) dead and B) at least 80 years old by now...

So, we have questions. Lots of questions.

Firstly: how exactly did Steve survive that plane explosion? OK, we didn't see him actually killed on screen, but it was preeeetty clear that he died in that explosion. Anybody would.

Secondly: Diana refers to the loss of her friend in Justice League and is clearly still cut up about Steve's death (or "death"). What are the timelines here? Was he resurrected, only to die again?

Thirdly: Why isn't he any older? Has he been in some kind of suspended animation, or has he picked up superpowers of his own?

Fourthly: Why doesn't anyone STAY dead?

Patty Jenkins, we need to know right now.


Wonder Woman 2 will be released in November 2019

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