The most epic Star Wars/Lord of the Rings themed wedding proposal you will see today

As Yoda says, "I do, or I do not"


Proposals have always been terrifying, but at least they used to be simple to set up. All you needed was some wine, a candle and a bended knee. But in the age of YouTube, asking someone to marry you now requires props, a film editor and a drone operator.


I mean, look at this epic. How are the rest of us supposed to compete with this?

Brit Ian Coulson reruited his friend and future father in law to record this ultra-professional masterpiece, acting out scenes from girlfriend Lizzy’s favourite films including Lord of the Rings and Star Wars.

(Apparently their first date was marathoning episodes 1-6. After that, marriage looks easy.)


Coulson then recorded her live reaction to the video and luckily, she said yes. Otherwise this would have been a straight-to-DVD catastrophe.