Lucifer writers finish working on final season of Netflix drama

The fantasy drama is currently shooting its last episodes.

Lauren German and Tom Ellis play Chloe and Lucifer Morningstar in Netflix's Lucifer

The scripts for the last ever season of Netflix‘s Lucifer has been finalised, as the show’s team of writers officially parts ways.


Originally planned to end with Lucifer season 5 part 2, the streaming service recommissioned the show for an additional series earlier this year, which is currently filming.

Now, it appears the epic finale is set in stone, as revealed by co-showrunner Ildy Modrovich in a tweet, which features the 18 writing staff blowing a kiss goodbye to the show’s fans (via a distanced Zoom call, of course).

“Last day in the Lucifer Writer’s Room,” Modrovich said. “These people inspire me beyond words. How is that a heart can feel so full and yet be breaking at the same time?”

Previously, co-showrunner Joe Henderson has teased big things in store for fans in season six, revealing the extended episode count allows them to expand the scope of their story.

He told “It’s the story we were always going to tell, but just written much larger and to me [is now] so much more interestingly that it breaks my heart to think we weren’t [originally] going to do it this way.”

In the meantime, fans are still waiting for the second half of Lucifer season five, which sees the eponymous Lord of Hell clash with his devious identical twin brother.

Lucifer’s brother isn’t the only celestial causing havoc on Earth though, as the midseason finale also saw Dennis Haysbert’s God come down from the heavens to intervene in his children’s conflict.

Suffice to say, we have plenty of Lucifer questions going into the second half of the season, which is expected to release sometime next year.


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