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Hey, what actually happened to Voldemort's nose?

Harry Potter fans investigate

Published: Tuesday, 4th July 2017 at 1:52 pm

Next time you watch Harry Potter, spare a thought for poor Voldemort. He transformed from a young man with a nose to an evil wizard who couldn't even smell the flowers. That would make anyone cranky.


We know that it took a huge amount of effort to remove Ralph Fienne's nose frame by frame, but why? How did Voldemort lose his nose in the first place? Reddit is determined to find the answer.

Many thought it was due to making his pet snake Nagini into a horcrux – bonding his soul to the snake might have given him snake-face. Maybe he could also unhinge his jaw?

Some wondered if it was just general evilness.

And others pondered if it was a lack of material. (See also: hair.)

So, what happened to Tom Riddle's nose? Did an adult play 'got your nose' with him as a boy and simply never give it back? Did he learn the harsh lesson never to pick your nose with your magic wand? Or did he simply spend too much time in club bathrooms during the 1980s?


What's your theory? Where's that nose? All we know for sure is, at least he's not a tree.


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